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Increase Recycling Efficiency

MyMatR will increase the amount of recycling efficiency using artificial intelligence, continuous quality improvement, and leading edge operations engineering. These innovations will cut the cost of recycling and make recycling easier for everyone. Our focus creates an affordable smart waste container that sorts trash and recyclable materials at the source.


MyMatR was founded in Raleigh, North Carolina in 2019 to improve the efficiency of recycling at the source of disposal.

This device is the next generation of smart waste containers that uses artificial intelligence, sensors, and robotics to automatically sort trash, recycling, and other forms of waste at the source of disposal. This product is designed for public spaces.

In 2020 MyMatR was focused on understanding our future customer needs developing and testing our prototype.

2021 saw MyMatR started pilot programs and accepted into the RIOT Accelerator Program as well as NC Idea’s MICRO program.

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