About Us
Our Mission Increase recycling efficiency MyMatR  uses artificial intelligence, continuous quality improvement, and leading edge operations engineering innovations to improve recycling efficiency cut the cost of recycling and make recycling easier for everyone. Our focus is an affordable smart waste container for public spaces that sorts trash and recyclable materials at the source.
History In 2020 MyMatR was focused on understanding our customer needs developing and testing our prototype.
2021 saw MyMatR started pilot programs and accepted into the RIOT Accelerator Program as well as NC Idea’s MICRO program.
2022 was focused on improving the automatic sorting waste container by piloting with organizations, such as Clemson University, University of South Carolina, and BMW.
In early 2023 MyMatR has gone to Market with their MyMatR Duo automatic sorting waste container.
Meet the Team
John Starke Founder, CEO
John has a Degree in Materials Science and Engineering. He has worked in high-tech manufacturing with engineering roles in product, production, and quality. He provides engineering contracting and consulting for production automation upgrades in a variety of manufacturing industries. John is an active soccer player and plays the bagpipes in a pipes and drums band.
Lucas Orlowski IS Director
Lucas has a Degree in Aerospace Engineering. He has held leadership positions in his time in the United States Marine Corps and worked in a variety of System Administration roles.
Ben Kimbrough Software Engineer
Ben is an Eagle Scout with a degree in Computer Science from North Carolina State University. He is a professional Software Engineer with experience with backend and low-level development.
Devin Shackle Advisor
Devin is an executive and co-founder of a cyber risk-management company. His previous postions include Director of Data Science at Advance Auto Parts and senior roles within the US DoD leading projects in analysis and innovation. He also volunteers as an executive mentor for the RIoT Accelerator Program. Devin holds a MSc in Business Analytics from American University and an ALB in Computer Science from the Harvard Extension School.
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